Aviture featured in B2B Magazine

President/CEO of Aviture, Mark Griffis, was featured in an article from the March edition of B2B Magazine, “Aviture pivots from big corporations to big data,” excerpt copied here:

“In 2004, Mark Griffis founded Aviture as a response to Lockheed Martin’s request that he subcontract for them on a long-term project. The former Air Force officer turned serial entrepreneur had been consulting for the defense technology corporation when they asked him to stay with the project. ‘I had two days to come up with a name,’ Griffis recalls.”

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Aviture Awarded Contract to Develop Next-Gen UAV Mission Planning System

Aviture was awarded a contract to modernize the current Air Force Surveillance Intelligence Reconnaissance Information Systems (SIRIS), developing a next-gen system to utilize the latest visualization technologies and to align the architecture with existing and emerging Air Force and DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency) technology standards.

The Garage by Aviture is Open

Aviture is pursuing funding to support R&D and incubator activities that foster growth and innovation within the local Omaha/Lincoln metropolitan areas in Aviture’s “Garage”. This incubation effort includes numerous strategic partnerships, community involvement, and funding from local investors.