Aviture is a company of highly skilled software engineers who pride themselves on their ability to exhibit technology leadership. Bringing together world-class talent to create premium software solutions for both government and commercial industries, our teams get to tackle exciting challenges. Drawing on a wealth of organizational experience, we have successfully delivered products for some of the nation’s largest and most profitable companies and brands.

All of Aviture’s employees, including its leadership, are handpicked from both commercial and government sectors. Our management team guides the operations of the company, the cultivation of strong business partnerships, and the transformation of long-term technical vision and goals into reality.

Mark Griffis


Mark Griffis founded Aviture in 2004 with the aim of building a software company guided by a culture of continuous learning and innovation, providing engineering leadership to its clients and, most importantly, making a difference in the lives of its customers.

Prior to founding Aviture, Mark was part of the startup scene in Dallas and Austin. He worked with Nextel as an emerging startup in the late 90’s and as the technical co-founder of Mindflow, a supply chain analytics company. Mindflow was named as one of the “Top 100 Emerging Companies” in the country and also received ‘Visionary’ status from Gartner; the company was ultimately acquired by IBM in 2009. Mark has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Texas and led an early career as an officer in the US Air Force, directing advanced technology programs.

Mark combines his knowledge of software development, the application of technology to solve problems, and taking products to market with a firm understanding of the impact that a system can have on the day-to-day lives of its users. As a serial entrepreneur and angel investor he has started and funded several startups, his most recent initiative is the launch of a software startup incubator, The Garage.

Jerry Koske

Jerry Koske

Chief Technology Officer

Aviture’s CTO Jerry Koske directs the use of technologies, security implementation, and operational innovation across the company. With a focus on cultivating world-class talent and aligning technical applications to Aviture’s strategic business objectives, he is a champion of the technology leadership that Aviture embodies. Jerry is a senior leader and an experienced enterprise software architect: he has worked for over 20 years in software engineering and has led the design and implementation of numerous enterprise-class mission critical systems, systems spanning multiple commercial sectors as well as the government sector.

A passion for technical solutions, combined with contagious appetite for results, drives him to realize a purposeful vision for the future with every project undertaken at Aviture. “Software is one of the few fields where what you imagine can become manifest with limited resources and time. The ability to solve real-world problems and rapidly realize new solutions is what fuels me.”

Katherine Underwood

Katherine Underwood

VP of Business Operations & FSO

As the Operations Manager for Aviture since 2010, Kathy plans, directs, and implements activities related to field and internal operations as well as designated projects. She is a results-oriented executive with over 25 years of operational experience in diverse contexts and has a proven track record of solving complex business problems while consistently delivering measurable improvements in revenue, profit, and processes. Kathy is a talented motivator possessing strategic development and execution skills.

“It is truly a fulfilling and energizing time to be an Aviturian as we reap the returns from deliberate and sometimes difficult business decisions made over the years, decisions that have shaped what Aviture is today.”

Ryan Wade

Ryan Wade

VP of Business Development

Ryan Wade is Aviture’s Vice President of Business Development, working to connect people, ideas, and products through strategic partnerships.  He has held senior business roles in both the financial and marketing industries, serving as Vice President of Commercial Banking for Union Bank and working as Director of Development for OBI Creative. Ryan is also a leader in the community, facilitating conversations and serving as a board member in multiple organizations including the Business Ethics Alliance and the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce Audit Committee. His experience spanning numerous market sectors and his strong relationships equip him to lead the way in facilitating and accelerating the cross-selling of company products and capabilities, as well as contributing to the strategic planning and execution of marketing and public relations activities.

“Aviture brings both an expert technical and an expert business perspective to each partnership. We have extensive experience in developing and bringing products to market.”