Aviture is a proud supporter of the organization Open Nebraska. Open Nebraska is a citizen-led organization dedicated to promoting civic engagement and furthering the open data movement in Nebraska. It’s mission is to equip citizens with tools to create positive change and solve community problems through civic application development, open data advocacy, and tech education.

About Hack Omaha

Civic hacking is about harnessing government information to make it work better or be more useful to a wider public audience. Hack Omaha was a hackathon taking it to the next level: bringing together new technologies and new teams to build prototypes and simple apps in 48 hours.

Participants in Open Nebraska hackathons have achieved some impressive results in short turnaround, like combine Yelp! functionality with restaurant inspection records, visualizing city or county budgets in new ways, and crafting a geocoding solution for use in the metro area. In the spirit of civic good and community betterment, all the projects are open-sourced.  It was also a space for technological experimentation, with attendees writing in new programming languages. Additionally, for the 2014 Hack Omaha, HP Cloud was a co-sponsor and opened up access to the Cloud stack and free storage space for the hackathon and beyond.

Latest News

  • Aviture Hosts Hack Omaha, A Weekend Civic Hackathon

    This past weekend Aviture hosted the third annual Hack Omaha, a three-day hackathon where data geeks, developers, designers, creatives, and open data enthusiasts came together to volunteer for a new kind of public service: developing public data into useful tools for citizens.