Aspire-STEM™ is a software program where students use a graphical editor to solve computer science problems. Targeted toward middle school students, this award-winning software reaches students at a critical time for STEM education and employs gamification to make concepts easy to understand and fun to learn.

  • Introduces computer science concepts including programming, design, and algorithms
  • Avoids the complexities and lets students get down to executing the software
  • Teaches core concepts, independent of specific programming language
  • Generates Java-code to allow for more advanced lesson plans and demonstrations



  • Aspire-STEM was implemented at Millard High School in Omaha, Nebraska in 2010.  The Millard School System ranks in the top 15% of all high school systems in the country and adopted this programming as a part of their efforts to incorporate innovative ideas and concepts into their curriculums.
  • Aviture held middle school pilots in Omaha and Colorado Springs to integrate the Aspire-STEM™ software into their school curriculums. We are piloting cross-school competitions in the Omaha area with a goal to build to metro-area events that raise awareness of STEM activities.
  • The University of Colorado in Colorado Springs partners with Aviture annually to promote the Aspire-STEM software program through their STEM summer outreach courses for grades 7-12. Learn more about Aspire-STEM 2017 on the blog.
  • In addition to academic partnerships, Aviture organized an educational awareness program with industry partners such as Lockheed Martin and public sector entities such as USSTRATCOM to open student’s aperture with respect to the “wealth of possibilities” in computer science careers.

    The program includes:

    • Student field trips to a state of the art Lockheed Martin Facility with research labs used by both Lockheed and USSTRATCOM
    • Interaction with motivational speakers from all walks of industry and the abundance of options availed to them by having pursued a degree in the sciences
    • Lab time with the Aspire-STEM™ software with the support of Aviture, Lockheed, USSTRATCOM, Union Pacific and other industry partners
    • Aspire-STEM™ tournament showcasing the skills learned and the potential unleashed at the end of the day

Interested in learning more and implementing Aspire-STEM™ in your school or organization? Please contact us for details.